Brian Kelly  

  guitar and vocals


            I have been teaching guitar to select students for 15 years.  I bring a sizeable knowledge accumulated from my 40 years of playing/performing in every aspect from a seven piece band to the intimate solo setting.  I feel a minimum commitment for a student to make progress on guitar is 30 minutes a day/ 4 days week; if you keep this up, you will be surprised how your fingers remember what to do – they are smarter than you think.

          I feel students should ideally learn on an acoustic guitar, as acoustic skills impart more finesse and rhythm chops in beginner players.  Two skills I would strongly suggest for any player who wants to advance as a musician/songwriter: 

    (1)    knowing the notes on the fretboard is essential to long term playing; not the most exciting task, but important.  

    (2)    basic music theory knowledge as far as chord/song construction (what makes a major or minor chord, what chords would typically be found say in a folk/rock tune in say the key of E, etc).  

         The use of a capo is also important for playing certain tunes using open chords (e.g., G, C, D, E, A) and to transpose keys for ease of singing.  I do not teach students how to read music; I emphasize songs.  And remember, to improve one’s playing to another level, it is important to play with others as opportunities arise.

          Today we have the internet, a huge musical resource, but guidance is needed to sort through the pile for appropriate and accurate material.    So here is my core idea for the student: once a good musical foundation is established for a player, one can then learn at one’s own pace from the net.  Guidance from a more knowledgeable player can start/steer you efficiently down your chosen musical path in this digital age. Go for it!  My lessons are hour sessions minimum, your home or mine.  Give me a call and let's talk soon.  Thank you!

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